What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and why you need it

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Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent than ever. Today, healthcare practices and all businesses need to detect threats before they become a large-scale issue if they want to effectively protect their data, their patient or client data, and the threat that online criminals pose. Managed detection response services (MDR) are the best way to catch cyber threats in their initial stages, which is why cybersecurity companies are beginning to offer these services to their clients. However, they serve as so much more than just threat detection.

Managed threat detection is just the initial part of an intricate process that is utilized to stop cybersecurity threats from doing serious harm to a business’s network. Here is how MDR acts as more than simple threat detection.

Explaining Detection

Detection occurs when a MDR provider zones in on a potential threat and alerts the organization utilizing the MDR service of said threat. The organization must then act against this threat, determining if it is a serious concern or just a false positive, before taking the necessary steps to assess the situation.

MDR services help an organization monitor their network and endpoint data, performing threat sweeps and looking for specific indicators of compromise.

Analyzing Potential Threats

If the MDR provider detects a potential threat, it will send a notification to the organization. This allows the qualified security specialists to investigate the origin of the attack, do further analysis on it, and determine the severity of the potential threat before taking action, whether that be to ignore it or to roll out a strategic method of removing the threat from the company’s network.

Managed Detection Response Services are More than Automation

While automation is used within MDR services, the process usually involves humans as well. This ensures more accurate readings when it comes to potential online threats, as well as effective ways to deal with the threat if it is deemed dangerous to the organization. Clients can expect to have direct interactions with the security team to deal with online threats accordingly. This is a crucial aspect of any successful managed detection response service.

MDR is so much more than just threat detection. The cybersecurity teams working to alert companies about potential online threats analyze every notification carefully to ensure that any threats are dealt with appropriately.

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