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Founded in 2000, DataHEALTH is an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) that offers best-in-class Cloud Backup, Application Hosting, Cybersecurity, and Remote IT services. As a trusted MSP, DataHEALTH specializes in servicing small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) by providing enterprise-level solutions at an affordable rate.

Security is DataHEALTH’s highest priority and has taken the necessary steps to exceed compliance rules. DataHEALTH has earned several accreditations and maintains high security scores. We started with a focus on the healthcare industry as our primary customer base, but we have branched out to also serve other industries including banking, legal, the government sector, and retail.

DataHEALTH’s core mission is to provide exceptional customer service. We take pride in building rapport with our customers who quickly learn that DataHEALTH is a reliable, trustworthy company who is always looking out for the customers’ best interests. DataHEALTH will provide the peace of mind you have been looking for.

We help your practice become more productive.

DataHealth Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Our expert approach makes us a leading provider of cloud backup to the Healthcare Industry.

DataHealth Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Our managed cloud hosting service allows your practice to function effeciently.

DataHealth Remote IT

Remote IT

The best-in-class remote IT support services will resolve your IT issues quickly.

DataHealth URAC Accredited

Accredited URAC HIPAA Security Business Associate

In 2005 DataHEALTH became the only cloud backup provider to be fully Accredited URAC HIPAA Security Business Associate. DataHEALTH achieving and maintaining this accreditation demonstrates to our customers our commitment to quality and accountability.