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Your practice deserves an experienced cloud backup provider that will be there to provide solid, consistent backups and also be there to support you through the data recovery process when you need your data back.

Medical Cloud Backup

How you back up your data matters.

As a healthcare provider, you have patient information that’s required by law to protect. You have databases and patient files that if lost or corrupted would cripple your practice. That’s why you need an experienced cloud backup provider that will not only provide you solid, consistent backups, but will be there to guide and support you through the recovery process from a simple lost file to a daunting server crash.


DataHEALTH cloud backup is powered by Asigra, an enterprise-level, award-winning cloud backup software. Some of the many features include network-wide backup from a single point, live SQL Backup, and data recovery assurance. The benefits include recovery from ransomware and viruses, knowledgeable US-based support staff, use of current and proven technology, and cost effectiveness.

DataHealth is the Leading Provider of Secure Backup and Recovery to the Healthcare Industry.

DataHEALTH’s reputation of professionalism and expertise holds strong in the cloud backup industry. We offer a multi-tiered approach to data storage that allows the backup software to perform a local backup in addition to the cloud.

HIPAA Cloud Backup

HIPAA Compliant and Accredited

We’re the only provider that’s a fully Accredited URAC HIPAA Security Business Associate.

FIPS Cloud Backup

FIPS 140-2 Encryption Certified

All backed up data is encrypted with 128-bit encryption that is NIST FIPS 140-2 Encryption Certified.

Customer Support Cloud Backup

Excellent Customer Support

Our customer service and certified advanced cloud backup professionals are headquartered in the USA.

Cloud Backup Eecovery

Near Instant Recovery Time

Our Backup Support professionals have restored millions of files for our customers.

Data Centers Cloud Backup

Automatic Backup and Verification

DataHEALTH automatically backs up and verifies your database files.

FIPS Cloud Backup

Ongoing Risk Analysis

We perform ongoing risk analysis on back up systems for data integrity and availability.

Data Centers Cloud Backup

State of the Art Data Centers

DataHEALTH uses proven and redundant technology so if we experience a failure, you won’t notice a difference.

Cloud Backup Technology

Backup powered by Asigra

Asigra is known as an enterprise-level, award-winning cloud backup software.


Our reputation of professionalism
and expertise holds strong in the
cloud backup industry.

DataHEALTH® was founded in 2000 by forward-thinking entrepreneurs who realized there was a better solution to backing up critical healthcare data than the cumbersome task of managing daily backup tapes. DataHEALTH was one of the first cloud backup providers and the first provider to specialize its service for the healthcare industry.


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