Traditional Antivirus Software Vs. Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

Evaluating your business’s level of cyber security is crucial because cyberattacks become more advanced by the day. And 43% of cyberattacks are now aimed at small to mid-sized businesses. Traditional antivirus software is no longer enough to protect your computer endpoints. Unfortunately, when using traditional antivirus software, it is not if, but when it will fail.

Thankfully there is an answer. SentinelOne Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is the next generation in endpoint protection plus managed detection. Your endpoints are monitored 24×7 by an elite team of cyber risk experts and frontline threat AI in a Security Operations Center (SOC) to rapidly shut down any cyber threats.

The following table compares SentinelOne MDR to traditional anti-virus software:

SentinelOne Managed Detection and Response (MDR)Traditional Anti-Virus Software
24x7 automated and actively monitored threat protection Relies on daily or weekly scans as part of its defense
Continuously monitors for threats (known and unknown) through identification and remediation via AI, heuristics, and cyber experts in a Security Operations Center (SOC) Scans for only known threats (viruses/malware), not new ones
Proactive approach with active monitoring to ensure known and unknown threats are captured Reactive approach requiring at least weekly updates to ensure the latest threats are captured
Can roll back your data to a pre-infected state when malicious behavior is detected and will also disconnect and quarantine Cannot roll back your ransomware-infected data to a pre-infected state leading to costly consequences
No performance impact since monitoring is occurring 24/7 Can slow down computer performance with long scans or high file activity
Enterprise-level solution at a fraction of the cost A low-cost solution with a potentially disastrous return

As you can see, moving away from the traditional antivirus software to SentinelOne MDR to secure your endpoints from today’s cyber threats is a very wise choice. Contact DataHEALTH today for more information on our SentinelOne MDR offering or to sign up. Contact us at 888-656-3282, Option 1, or Fee: $13.20/endpoint/month (bundled discounts may apply).

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